Whistleblowing System

The Whistleblowing System is a channel for reporting violations that occur at Perusahaan Gas Negara against actions that can not be resolved through normal organizational procedures.

Criteria of Reporting

Whistleblower System Guideline applicable to Perusahaan Gas Negara.

Actions that can be reported

The reportable actions that can be reported in good faith are as follows:

  1. Corruption;
  2. Bribery;
  3. Gratification;
  4. Conflict of interest;
  5. Theft;
  6. Fraud;
  7. Actions that violate laws and company regulations (including theft, violence on employee, extortion, drug use, harrassment, and other criminal actions);
  8. Violation of provisions of taxation or other laws and regulations;
  9. Violation of Business Ethics and Work Ethics;
  10. Actions that endanger the safety and health of employee, and or actions that endanger the security of the company;
  11. Actions that can create financial or non-financial losses for the company, or disrupt the company's interest;
  12. Violations of the company's standards of procedure (SOP), particularly actions related with the procurement of goods and services, provision of benefits, and remuneration;
  13. Acts of forgery, the hiding or destruction of documents/reports, and or using forged documents for business purposes.

Reporting of Violation

Explain the case of the alleged infringement in detail. Please fill in the first paragraph with the title/name of the reported violation case. Furthermore, please describe the allegations of violation, who allegedly are involved, in which institution the violation occurred, and when the violation occured. Reporters are expected provide initial evidence as it will be helpful in further investigations.

Alleged Perpetrator

You can include supporting data/document files

Additional attachments (if more than one) can be added after the report is made.

Information on reporter, can be phone number, email address, address

The secrecy of all information related to the report is guaranteed by the company.


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Pelaporan pelanggaran juga dapat dilakukan secara tertulis dengan diantar langsung atau melalui pos dengan alamat :

Komite Etik PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk,
The Manhattan Square Mid Tower,
26 Floor Internal Audit Division atau
melalui email: etik@pgn.co.id

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